Dice Games for the Fortunate Ones: Craps

craps-table-with-dice3Probably one of the most popular casino games, Craps involves a lot of action and it is targeted at those who appreciate an energetic dice pastime. Based on the number 7, this game will allow players to place their wager on the numerous places available on the table. Featuring a rather unique set of rules, which might seem difficult to some who aren’t fully accustomed to dice games, Craps will take some getting used to. But once players learn how the master the basic techniques, they will start to appreciate the game even more!

A special element, called the “Pass Line” is the main aspect that gamblers are after in this game, having in mind that 7/11 combinations are winners and 2/3/12 are losers, with all the other numbers in between making up for a so called “established” point. On the other hand, the element called the “Don’t Pass Line” will have the figures reversed, resulting in winnings for the 2/3/12 combinations and so on. Furthermore, a third element, named the “Come Line” will only be available once players earn established points and it is basically characterised by the same rules as the Pass Line.

Some of the most popular online gambling platforms that offer Craps in their game inventory are presented in the following lines:

  • JackpotCity: with a generous 1600 euro bonus, this online platform offers a 97.61% payout limit and live support. Besides the Craps games. it also boasts an array of more than 630 casino games for players to try, which can come quite handy;
  • Spin Palace Casino: this online gambling platform which is owned by the Microgaming company is one of the most highly regarded venues in the online industry and this also goes for their impressive Craps games which are offered alongside the other numerous casino activities available.